View a Tugboat Repository Configuration

Repository configurations are specified by a field name, a scope for that field name, and a value. The scope is used to group related fields, such as configurations for a specific plugin.


  • repo - Required
    The ID of the repository to view.

  • scope - Optional
    The scope of the configuration field to view.

  • field - Optional
    The name of the configuration field to view. If no scope is provided, this field will be parsed for a scope using the pattern <scope>.<field>

If neither a scope nor a field are specified, all config fields for the given repository are returned.

If only a scope if provided, all configuration fields in that scope are returned


const args = {
    repo: '58bdc0fd455e930001c14805',
    scope: 'tugboat',
socket.emit('tugboat', 'config', 'list', args, callback);


A nested object containing the configuration field values for the repository.

    "tugboat": {
        "proxy_https_redirect": false,
        "timeout": 3600,
        "refresh_day": 7,
        "refresh_anchors": true,
        "services": {
            "apache": {
                "ready": "curl -I",
                "image": ""
        "proxy_subpath_map": true,
        "proxy_alias_type": "domain",
        "default": "apache",
        "application": "apache",
        "refresh_hour": 0,
        "proxy_http": true,
        "default_port": "80",
        "proxy_https": true,
        "proxy_domain": "tugboat.local",
        "application_path": "/var/lib/tugboat",
        "proxy_url": "subdomain",
        "envvars": [],
        "proxy_aliases": []


  • 1006: No Repository ID Provided
    The required repo argument was not included in the request. This error accompanies an empty result.

  • 1011: Unknown Configuration Field
    The requested configuration field does not exist.

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