Set a Tugboat Repository Configuration

Repository configurations are specified by a field name, a scope for that field name, and a value. The scope is used to group related fields, such as configurations for a specific plugin.


  • repo - Required
    The ID of the repository to update.

  • <scope>.<field> - Required
    The configuration to set. The field name is the name of the field in <scope>.<field> format. For example, tugboat.domain. Multiple fields can be specified in one request.


const args = {
    repo: '58bdc0fd455e930001c1480a',
    'tugboat.domain': '',
    'tugboat.provider': 'github',
socket.emit('tugboat', 'config', 'set', args, callback);


An array of configs for the requested repositories. If a repository or config field is not returned, it either does not exist, or the API key used to make the request does not have permission to modify it. The config field for each repository is a heirarchy of scopes with their fields, valeus, and descriptions.

    "tugboat": {
        "proxy_https_redirect": false,
        "timeout": 3600,
        "refresh_day": 7,
        "refresh_anchors": true,
        "services": {
            "apache": {
                "ready": "curl -I",
                "image": ""
        "proxy_subpath_map": true,
        "proxy_alias_type": "domain",
        "default": "apache",
        "application": "apache",
        "refresh_hour": 0,
        "proxy_http": true,
        "default_port": "80",
        "proxy_https": true,
        "proxy_domain": "tugboat.local",
        "application_path": "/var/lib/tugboat",
        "proxy_url": "subdomain",
        "envvars": [],
        "proxy_aliases": []


  • 1006: No Repository ID Provided
    The required repo argument was not included in the request. This error accompanies an empty result.

  • 1007: No Configuration Fields Found
    Included with the normal output if the requested configuration fields do not exist, or the requestor does not have permission to update them.

  • 1008: No Configuration Field Provided
    No configuration field arguments were included in the request. This error accompanies an empty result.

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