Find a Tugboat Object

Retrieves the details of a Tugboat Object (project, repo, preview, service, etc) from the provided ID.


  • id - Required
    The ID of the Tugboat Object to search for.


socket.emit('tugboat', 'tugboat', 'find', args, callback);


        "_id": "58d176719b47aa0001a1eea4",
        "updatedAt": "2017-03-21T18:56:17.101Z",
        "createdAt": "2017-03-21T18:52:33.723Z",
        "name": "master",
        "token": "9pqsruqziajchmhtnhaalack",
        "build_begin": "2017-03-21T18:54:59.955Z",
        "build_end": "2017-03-21T18:56:15.617Z",
        "size": 418248614,
        "hits": 0,
        "aliases": [],
        "url": [
        "anchor": false,
        "locked": false,
        "state": "ready",
        "scope": "tugboat",
        "id": "58d176719b47aa0001a1eea4",
        "type": "preview",
        "repo": "58d174c6ffde8100016c4ff7",
        "project": "58d176719b47aa0001a1eea4"


  • 1019: No Objects Found
    Returned if the requested objects do not exist, or the requestor does not have permission to view them.

  • 1020: No ID Provided
    The required id argument was not included in the request.

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